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Ozone was discovered by the Dutchman Martinus of Marum 1750-1837. Werner von Siemens built the ozone generator in 1857, which can be used to make ozone on an industrial scale by electrostatic discharges.

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Currently there are many chemical cleansers on the market, but their effectiveness is limited for several reasons. The use of liquid agents with or without chemicals can also cause problems.
To make the air bacteria-free, a very fine and costly nebulization is needed
Not all surfaces where viruses are located can be cleaned wet
• Wet and traditional cleaning will not reach the bacteria, viruses and allergens in cracks and splits
These shortcomings have led to the development of Ozonic-HOME. A completely dry interior-air cleaning system for home! Without the use of chemicals so 100% environmentally friendly! The Ozonic-HOME turns oxygen into Ozone, after ozone has done its disinfectant work, ozone is reshaped back to oxygen.

During treatment, humans,, animals and plants must leave the room!


What is Ozone?

In fact, Ozone is nothing but oxygen (O2) to which an additional oxygen molecule has been linked by high-voltage electrical voltage >10,000 Volts, creating an Ozone Molecule. (O3)
In nature, Ozon is produced in certain chemical reactions. The most famous example is the Ozone Layer, here Ozone is produced by the ultraviolet rays (UV rays) of the sun.
But Ozon is also made in thunderstorms, due to the extremely high voltages associated with it. The fresh smell after a thunderstorm is Ozone. The word ozone is derived from the Greek word ozein and means smell.

How does Ozone operate?

Ozone operates according to the principle of oxidation. When the statically charged Ozone molecule comes into contact with something "oxidizer" the voltage from the Ozone Molecule will flow to it. This is because ozone is unstable and would like to return to its original form (O2). Oxidizing can take place with all kinds of substances. Some examples are; microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, allergens, and traces of fungi. In fact, the cell wall of the bacterium is damaged and the bacterium does not survive. In viruses, this is even faster and easier because viruses have a softer wall "protein mantle" that prevents the reproduction of the virus when damaged. One of the consequences of bacterial disinfection is that nasty odors disappear permanently. After Ozon has done his disinfectant work, it forms back to oxygen! A list of bacteria and viruses that are effectively defused by Ozone can be found on th website.
The bacteria undamaged
The ozone molecules come into contact with the bacteria
The ozone molecules penetrate into the bacteria and the cell wall is perforated
The bacteria falls apart with that is lysed. In viruses, penetrating the protein cell wall is easier and therefore the viruses are defused more quickly

Ozone and Corona


On our website you can find explanations and studies, which show that the correct administration of Ozone eliminates the SARS, HERPES, INFLUENZA and COVID virus. The reports show that 99% of the viruses spread by aerosol ( in the air via microscopic dust or liquid particles) and the viruses present on surface are 99%.
Although it is not yet clear how the Covid-19 virus spreads through the air and how far it carries, it is now clear that it remains active and therefore contagious on slippery surfaces for a longer period of time. Shopping carts are disinfected, and it is recommended to wash hands more often
Ozone has been proven effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses of all kinds. Our devices are tailored to the correct dosage of Ozone and the correct duration of administration to make the disinfection as optimal as possible.
Humans, animals and plants must not remain in space during treatment.

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Ozonworld Netherlands - William Goossens